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FIX: How to stay Detached by Knowing the True Nature of the Self

Jul 12, 2021

To understand what means detachment, you need to know about the nature of the Self first, your true nature.  Your true nature is satchitananda. Sat means all the time there, is not coming and going. It's not like when you are born, then you exist. And then you die, and you finish. So, your spiritual nature or your spirit is always there, your consciousness or your true self is always there. So, this is a spiritual approach to life.

To live your life with perspective, with a bigger idea of what life is, the purpose of life, and who are you. Then we can talk about detachment. If you do not know who you are, then we can’t talk about detachment because everything is action, everything is attachment, everything is involvement, everything is drama. So, we call the Battle of life, you are lost in the Battle of life. Sometimes you win something happened good and you are happy, and sometimes you have a difficult situation. For example, pandemic situation, you must close the business, stop everything, and things are disturbed. So, it's a big drama.