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Sivananda Yoga Farm Podcast

Welcome to the Sivananda Yoga Farm Podcast channel

Feb 21, 2022

1. What is dream? dream of death? and chasing? and how to think about it?

2. What to do when your willpower is so drained?

3. How do you keep puja from becoming routine?

4. I have past trauma that is being activated by a present event. I deal with this situation by reminding myself that we are no longer living in that oppressive/abusive environment and that now i am an adult that can take actions to protect and take care of me.

The problem I have is that I am trying to push away the feeling using spiritual bypass... I am trying to slow down to be present with this uncomfortable emotional pain... it has been several days and still the pain is present... the pain is less than before but I still feel the rage of injustice being activated so I push away the feelings. Do you have any suggestion to make it go away?

5. How do you protect your prana around unsattvic people?

6. Can you help me to understand the cycle of birth and death?

7. How do we find inspiration to keep going on the spiritual path?